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Totally new in the icecream world!

Stickhouse is the perfect selection of craft-made Sticks on a stick: a certain success, original and above all natural.


it is a vegetal fibre that increases the absorption of calcium, facilitates digestion, reduces cholesterol.


it’s very useful while practicing physical activity.


it is a natural product contained in fruits, honey and some vegatables. It’s suitable for fine recipes and light diets.



Il Saccarosio

Sucrose: it is contained in lots of fruits and vegetables and is not considered a diet integrator but a food supplement.

Semi di carruba

Carob beans flour: they are a wonderful gift of nature! Recommended for digestive disorders. In the ice-cream recipe they work as a natural stabilizer.

lRe icnoopsetrretu rese lecoznio ni

Chocolate is a “heartfriend” which helps the cardiovascular system to stay healthy.

Thanks to the use of selected ingredients our Gelato can be defined gluten free.
Stickhouse srl guarantees that all the ingredients supplied are gluten free. On its turn every store must guarantee that also the finished products are gluten free.
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