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Nature Ingredients


It is a vegetable fiber that increases the absorption of calcium,facilitates digestion,reduces cholestral.

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It is a very useful while Practicing physical activity. Fruit sorbet natural and sugar free.

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It is a natural product contained in fruits, honey and some vegatables. It's suitable for recipes and light diets.

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It is contained in lots of fruits and vegetables and is not considered a diet integrator but a food supplement.

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Pure Chocolate

Chocolate is a heart friend Which helps the cardio vascular system to stay healthy.

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Carob beans flour

They are wonderful gift of nature! Recommended for Digestive disorders In the ice-cream recipe they work as a natural stabilizer.

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8 Reasons to choose

  • - 100% Natural . No Artificial Colours And Flavours Added
    - No Preservatives, No Stabilizers Added And Gluten Free
    - High Quality Ingredients Imported From Italy
    - Ideal for All Ages Particularly For The Nutritional Value
    - Sucrose And Lactose Free Flavours Available
    - Densers And Creamier Texture With Full Of Taste And Flavor
    - Sorbets Made From Finest Quality Fruits
    - Made Fresh Daily In Singapore

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